Wusuraambya People Group News

Tribal believers’ lives point to the importance of gathering to fellowship and worship.

An encounter with God sometimes comes in unusual ways. For Aini, it took God’s guiding where to dig a toilet.

Wusaraambya believers use creativity as they celebrate their first communion, remembering the price Jesus paid for them on the cross.

Wusaraambya believers view Sunday as a time to worship God. Thus, church becomes a day of worship, studying God’s Word and prayer.

Hearing the gospel in his own language transformed Jesi’s life and gives him the passion to reach others for Christ.

The Wusaraambyan believer has faced many trials recently, and now were 2-year-old son was ill with dysentery.

A recent kidnapping is an open opportunity for God's grace.

Jethro learns the power of Saving Grace and how fatherhood is a great blessing, even when it means being a father to a child thought useless by a society.

Trusting in Jesus gave Goma joy in life.

A story of God's faithfulness to the Wusuraambyan believers.

Married Wusuraambyan believers Willis and Kena saw how the Lord worked in their lives.

Jenilaa was a rebellious teenager when she encountered the contagious joy of believers from another people group.

Wusuraambyan believers experience the growth and trials that life in Christ brings.

Wusuraambya church holds its first conference.

The Wusuraambya church in Papua New Guinea will be evaluated soon, and missionaries get to see what God is doing.

Other Wusuraambyan believers realized they should not push Jesi to marry.

Missionary Andrew Goud is visiting Wusuraambya believers who are facing difficulties.

Missionaries Andrew and Cathy Goud are laboring to translate more Scripture for the people.

Tribal believers are learning lessons from Romans and some are taking a bigger role in translating Scripture.