When they look back, Martin and Christiane are grateful for the many beautiful encounters they had in their homeland. They were able to spend time with many people, share about their missionary work and enjoy hospitality.

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The growth among the believers was evident when they stepped forward to plan and organise a conference for 130 believers from six villages. And when the conference speaker was unable to attend, Prai believers took turns teaching. Thank God for His work among the people. Read Full Story
Things have become busy again for Norman and Bobby Murphy but they are encouraged by the doors that are opening for folks to serve in S. E. Asia. Read Full Story
Activity and excitement are building in the community where Dave and Fran Jordan work. Some of the young Prai believers are teaching God's Word, while others have gone to study the Bible for a year. Pray that God works mightily through both these endeavours. Read Full Story
Richard and Wendy Rees are working in the Karen community to physically help people in hopes of opening doors spiritually. Gardening is one way they are helping. They recently took a group to learn about alternatives to growing corn, and plan another trip so they can learn about organic fertilizer. Pray that in these practical helps, people will see God's love and be drawn to Him. Read Full Story

Prai funerals focus on keeping the spirit of the deceased satisfied and preventing any malicious return. But believers recently chose to reflect their faith with a Christian burial. This was a huge step of faith for about 60 Prai Christians. Pray that their testimony draws others to Christ.

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Prai believers recently came together from several villages for worship, teaching, prayer and good fellowship at the Prai Christian Conference. Pray that God will solidify the teaching and fellowship in their lives and continue to grow the Prai church for His glory. Read Full Story
Two Prai ladies, Nok and Nute, are moving to a remote village to teach literacy. There are 20 new believers there. Pray that as Nok and Nute teach the children and hold literacy classes for the adults, they look to the Lord for wisdom and strength. Read Full Story
Please pray for Ric and Sharon Bruce as they finish up their culture and language studies and make exciting progress toward putting to work all they have studied and learned. Pray that God will use them in mighty ways for His glory as they reach out in ministry to the Phu Thai group. Read Full Story
Mark and Joanne Hunters' neighbours think the house next door is home to more than 20 spirits. "Please pray for us now as we try to understand our neighbours and their beliefs," the Hunters wrote. "Even now we try to plant seeds -- thoughts in their minds that would lead them to ask questions of their personal belief system." Read Full Story