Where has God’s Word not reached? That is the question that has been on the hearts of D. J. and Tricia Morrison and their team in Tanzania, East Africa. Read Full Story
Pray for the missionary team who are currently on a trip to northern and central parts of Tanzania. They will be making contact with other missions, meeting local pastors and church leaders in order to help them with people group assessments. Pray for safety and a profitable time. Read Full Story
For a week, Susie Locklin learned how to carry out people group assessments -- in the classroom and in the field. People group assessments help New Tribes Mission strategically place missionaries in order to reach unreached people groups without duplicating the efforts of others and in cooperation with other believers who may already be in the area. Pray that the teams that gather this information will get all they need so God's resources are used wisely. Read Full Story
Abigail Snyder is discovering new reasons to find God sufficient as she prepares to go to Africa to serve Him. Pray that she continues to see God working and leading in her life. Read Full Story

Abigail Snyder is on her way to Tanzania, prepared to protect herself from at least one of the three most deadly predators there as she teaches in a school for the children of missionaries. Pray that her paperwork is completed soon, and pray for her as she learns the Kiswaihili language.

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