Tagbanwa People Group News

Paul and Cathy Wright been back in the Philippines for two months now.

Looking forward to the day when there will be a great spiritual harvest.

There is still some unfinished work among the Tagbanwa.

Recently five Tagbanwa believers were baptised.

Paul and Cathy Wright have been questioning whether real spiritual change has taken place when so much of ‘self’ seems to remain.

Paul and Cathy Wright have seen believers grasp the truth and challenges of the book of Hebrews.

Bible School and camps encourage the Tagbanwa people in spiritual things.

Austin heard the Gospel a few years ago and rejected it. However, his wife, Lilibet, has been a believer for four years and has been praying for him.

Joshua needed help fast.

One man who has heard but resisted the Gospel was recently shot and killed by a relative who has also heard but resisted.

“I’m different because of what Jesus has done for me,” one woman said.

Tili's tuberculosis returned.

Her name is Ara.

Nguun and Tilil were sent to plant a church, but Tilil is battling tuberculosis.

The Tagbanwa man takes a huge step and prays a lovely prayer.

Missionaries to the Tagbanwa people focus on spiritual needs, and that often means meeting physical needs as well.

The church functioned with unity while missionaries on home assignment.

Missionaries are working with Tagbanwa men to be the future leaders of the church.

The Tagbanwa people fear a variety of evil spirits, and currently are spreading stories about vampires.

Carpenters and missionaries give visual testimony to the Tagbanwa people in the Philippines.