Siawi People Group News

A missionary says good-bye and prays for God to finish His work in the Siawi people.

God’s Word blesses a believer in time of need.

Linda Krieg’s journey back to Papua New Guinea was an adventure that she knows 'God had planned all along.'

After decades of diligent Bible translation work, a great project has come to fruition.

The first run is only 250, but more, with additional Old Testament passages, will follow.

Jason Swanson's most recent trip to see the Siawi people was a powerful reminder of the work of Christ.

The Ama church recently hosted a conference that embraced many villages and language groups.

Jason and Shannon Swanson find it hard to wrap up 13 years ministering among the Siawi people.

Missionary Jason Swanson takes role of helper on recent visit.

Linda Krieg, missionary to the Siawi people, shares her heart on Bible translation and teaching.

When Linda Krieg's computer died, work on translation stopped -- until Norbert Huebner stepped in.

The two-year-old was burning with fever.

Could the Siawi men finish teaching in one week?

Bible translators are completing 2 Corinthians and John, on their way to finishing the New Testament.

A Siawi family is drawn together when the dad takes a stand against his culture’s promiscuity.

The building is no longer needed because the Siawi church no longer needs missionaries.

“O Father, help us," one Siawi man prayed. "We are not good at loving our wives. Before, we didn’t know what the road of loving our wives was like. ... Now we know and want to love them and follow You. But it is hard.”

Three young believers helped a group of teenagers figure out how to handle a theft.

And it’s a good thing, too, since the Parrys have had quite enough experiences among the Siawis.

New missionaries have had the opportunity to experience almost every kind of problem during their orientation among the Siawis.