Ladies attended from all over the country for a time of rest and relaxation, taking a break from their busy lives to spend some time listening, sharing and in worship. Esmé made new friends, enjoyed good food and the luxury of being in a hotel! Read Full Story
Regina has a new language helper and they meet three times a week. Pray for their conversations, relationship and language study. Read Full Story
Andrew and Eliza were surprised when they realised that they have only been back in Senegal for three and a half months; for them it felt so much longer. Read Full Story

Two days before the anniversary of the Reformation about seven hundred Christians gathered for a thanksgiving service outside the church that Steve and Moira attend. The service lasted for almost four hours and included a talk on the history of the Reformation given by the pastor of their church. He quoted a local proverb that says, "If a tree does not know it's roots it will not stand." There was much singing, dancing and celebration. After the service everyone ate a communal meal served in large bowls and then watched a film about Martin Luther.

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After three weeks of hard work in the capital, Stephen and Moira Poulson were finally able to complete the revised literacy course for the Baynunk language. They now have five primers, five 'readers' to go with each primer, one pre-literacy booklet, a writing workbook, a teacher's guide and numerous syllable cards and key word cards ready for printing; all which are necessary to restart a Baynunk literacy course. Courses were done many years ago but faded out. Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal have been waiting a long time for this moment and they are thankful to have finally settled in a Konyagi village where they can be immersed in the context and focus on learning. Read Full Story
Dubby recently took a trip to the Saafi in Senegal where he previously served with his wife Anna. While he was away, Anna, who has Parkinson’s, was well looked after by another family. Read Full Story
Eveline praises the Lord for a restful as well as profitable time in Northern Ireland connecting with friends and family and good uneventful flights back to Senegal. Read Full Story
For Andrew and Eliza living in the city so that they can connect with the local church in order to reach out together to the Saafi people. It is a new adventure and they are thankful that their moving went well and they praise the Lord for His provision of housing.  Read Full Story
Steve and Moira have remained in the capital Dakar to take part in a literacy workshop that is due to last three weeks. Three teams are there from various parts of West Africa with the goal of putting together complete literacy courses, one for each team. Each team has to have at least two native speakers as language helpers. Read Full Story
It’s only by God grace that they now have a well with abundant water! What a blessing it is to have running water in the house! Read Full Story
At the beginning of June, Regina was able to travel for a few days and learnt how to make the traditional Attaya Tee, green tea. Read Full Story
Phase 4 takes approximately six months to complete and concentrates on building deeper relationships with people. Read Full Story
Whilst preparing for her departure God clearly led Eri to her workplace on an intensive care ward. Read Full Story
Regina Kowert is continuing with language and culture study in Senegal. Read Full Story
It was just a few weeks ago that Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo asked for prayer regarding the possibility of having a drilled well in the village. Read Full Story
The well digger still has not returned to complete Alessandro and Chantal’s well and now that the dry season has arrived, the level of water is going down.  Read Full Story
The school had a short mid-term break recently, most of which Eveline spent in bed or resting, trying to get over a cold/cough that has been going around since before Christmas and which she recently succumbed to. Read Full Story
Some progress has been made on the Parrillo’s house but definitely not as much as they had hoped. Read Full Story
Dubby Rodda recently had to postpone a trip to Senegal due to suspected health issues but God had better plans! Read Full Story