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A maturing church is a sign of success for missionaries to the Sekadau people.

Bible translation often comes down to the nitty gritty process of poring over every word and phrase and then having it checked and rechecked.

Pig blood slowly mingled with river water as a group of Sekadaus crowded around a young woman...

The Gerai couple is helping bring God’s Word to the Sekadaus.

Translating Ephesians into the Sekadau language is “a brain-twisting exercise.”

Missionaries Naomi and Cori recently experienced an unusual house dedication.

Experienced missionary Coral Walles is working with Cori Gervasi and Naomi Christensen this week to determine how well Cori and Naomi are learning the Sekadau culture and language. The check “will enable Coral to see where we've excelled and where we still need work,” Naomi wrote. “It's always so encouraging to be evaluated, a bit stressful and yes, exhausting, but really rewarding to see what God has enabled us to learn.” Pray that the evaluation sets a clear path for Cori and Naomi.

2011-05-05 | Prayer, Sekadau People

The Sekadau people fear that if they do not perform the right ceremonies, they will go hungry.

Naomi Christenson and Cori Gervasi have come a long way in working alongside the Sekadau people while speaking their language and performing cultural tasks.

Missionaries prepared a program for them but they had no where to meet.

Missionary Paul Gervasi is also translating Scripture, preparing lessons and teaching.

Santa Claus is coming to Bible teaching. The 10-year-old Sekadau boy is learning about the One who really does know if you've been bad or good.

They have to work at it, since school and writing are new to them.

After three months of concentrated study in the tribe it was time to spend a few days in the city.

When the initial answer was no, missionaries chose to pray.

Some Sekadaus have combined their traditional beliefs with a veneer of Christianity.

Naomi Christenson prayed for Sekadaus to teach God's Word, and God answered.

Paul and Bella Gervasi have returned from home assignment to resume Bible teaching among the Sekadau people.

After many meetings and talks to sort out problems, the Sekadau church is fellowshipping again.

Sekadau believers need to work things out before ministry can continue.