Men from the various tribal churches gathered recently to discuss together and deepen their understanding of the lessons learned in the Phase I teaching. Read Full Story
Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen are very excited to be able to share with you that one of the Kankana-ey Bible teachers is in the village where they ministered with the goal of teaching the Phase One lessons for a month.  Read Full Story

The rice harvest is almost done, the monsoon has arrived, school is out for a bit, the lesson material is ready and Jared and Bana Major trust that it is the right time to start teaching in Ilocano.

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The three and a half months in Canada on home assignment has gone fast for Don, Char, Thea, Koi and Zane. Read Full Story
For the longest time the landing strip on the island where the Philip and Vina le Roux’s serve has been plagued with delays. Read Full Story
Whilst working on the Phase 1 lessons, Ragnar and Elizabeth had been considering the idea of also making a set of Bible teaching lessons for children. Read Full Story
For Philip and Vina Le Roux the past few weeks have been a wonderful time of rest, relaxation, fellowship and fun. Now they are recharged and ready to continue their work on the island. Read Full Story

Once Bible teaching starts in that area they will need a place to do the creation to Christ lessons. The elementary school in that area approached Philip and Vina and asked for help with building. They have too many children to fit in the present classrooms.

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Donovan and Charla Epp along with two Agta men are taking part in a literacy workshop in Manila.  Read Full Story
Thank you for praying for them as they finished the lessons in phase 1, had them printed and then went on to teach these lessons to the Kankana-ey believers in four different areas. Read Full Story
Time surely has flown by. The days are long but the years are indeed short. Looking back nostalgically there are some things Phil and Vina wish they had known as young missionaries embarking on their adventure in the Philippines and some they are glad they didn’t know. Read Full Story
Two weeks ago the Banwaon Bible teachers decided that as they’d finished teaching through 1 Timothy and Titus, the following week there would be no fresh teaching from the Word.  Read Full Story
Recently Philip and Vina Le Roux had a long awaited visit from NTM consultants.  Read Full Story
When Ragnar and Elizabeth returned to the Philippines in 2014, they were sad to learn that the Kankana-ey Bible had been out of print since 2007.  Read Full Story
The missionary team's deepest desire is to have a Banwaon Bible translation that clearly and accurately communicates God’s truth. Pray for the team. Read Full Story

Ragnar and Elizabeth are so grateful for their help in going over the lessons again. They know they will never be perfect but they wanted them to be as clear, helpful and understandable as possible before they had 50 copies made up.

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Dennis and Valerie Easton and family had a refreshing Christmas break, full of fun family moments and also a couple of special events. Their former Tagalog teacher was getting married and invited them to the wedding - this was their first time to attend a Filipino wedding in the city! Read Full Story
Phil and Vina le Roux felt they should be writing a New Year’s post, but somehow after the loss of another life on the island, a baby boy, a New Year’s post seems forced.  Read Full Story
Overall it’s been encouraging for Paul and Cathy to see the church continuing and functioning. Read Full Story
Unless the plan changes Marcel will stay in the Philippines until June and would appreciate your prayers. Read Full Story