A believer is revising materials to teach Emberas to read and write. Please pray that the Emberas would initiate a church-wide literacy program for those interested in reading the published Embera Scriptures, which would expand the level of maturity of the Embera church and their evangelistic outreach to neighbouring villages. Read Full Story
“I went to encourage them through the book of Ephesians, but I received the greater blessing," wrote a recently retired missionary after visiting the vibrant and growing Embera church. Praise God for His work among the Embera people -- and find out how you can train to reach other people groups. Read Full Story
The Jesus Film, newly translated into Embera, is being shown in Panama during the first few weeks of April, with hundreds projected to view it.  Pray that the Jesus Film will continue to draw crowds of Embera people and that as a result, the Embera church will have opportunities to teach Firm Foundations Bible lessons and make the Gospel clear after people have heard the film  in their own language. Read Full Story