Phil and Elin picked their kids Callie and Elias up from school in Kenya and began a whirlwind trip to Australia. Read Full Story
Francois, Nadia and the children all miss their Mwinika family and friends. They miss the sounds of early morning as the village wakes up and the sun starts blazing in the bluest sky ever. They miss the smell of many evening fires and even the slightly off smell of dried fish and cassava roots!  They miss their friends, their warmth, their hospitality, and their smiles and even to share their tears. Read Full Story

Phil and Elin still have a few weeks left to go, but their to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking. They are trusting God to strengthen them as they run their race. Time flies when you are having fun, but it also flies when your to-do list is longer than your grocery list. 

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The Mwinika people number almost 200,000. Phil and Elin Henderson’s work is still with only a tiny percentage of them, but His praise is still awaiting Him in so many more places among this people group! Read Full Story
During the last few weeks the Hattingh family have had several struggles and there are big changes ahead. Read Full Story
For Phil, Elin, Callie and Elias Henderson last month was a month of living with the unexpected. Read Full Story
When Fernando and Tabitha da Silva went to Mozambique in 2010 they did so, expecting it to be for the long-term.  Read Full Story
After a relatively quiet and calm first half of the year when Phil and Elin Henderson were able to focus on work in the village they have now entered into a busier, travel-filled final half of the year.  Read Full Story
As Phil and Elin Henderson look back over the past six months of ministry they are thankful for the concentrated time the Lord gave them as well as the things He is accomplishing among the Mwinika people.  Read Full Story

In January a missionary and his helper, visited Francois and Nadia Hattingh to “scout” out what they do. He was very impressed with the Church plant in the sense that many Mwinika have taken ownership of the work.

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Fernando and Tabitha with Daniel returned to Mozambique in August of last year. Read Full Story
Alfred and Belinda are SIM missionaries from South Africa and went through the training at North Cotes College and now serve among the Yao people of Mozambique. Read Full Story
The missionary team among the Mwinika people of Mozambique have had a really good and profitable few months in the village. They are so thankful for this concentrated time to really make headway in many areas. Read Full Story
Francois and Nadia were recently awakened by their neighbour, who was performing the first of a series of ceremonies to appease and manipulate the spirits so that she and her extended family will stay healthy and well.  Read Full Story
Phil and Elin Henderson with Callie and Elias have had another busy month and they are happy to be back in the village and settling into “normal” life as they know it. Read Full Story
Fernando and Tabitha da Silva with Daniel desire to be back in Mozambique but still need visas. Read Full Story
Recently Francois and Nadia shared how they have been blessed with two vehicles to replace their tired and run down one! Both of these vehicles must be exported from South Africa and imported into Mozambique, in record time. Read Full Story
Recently Francois and Nadia Hattingh received a call from some friends (who at one time were fellow missionaries in Mozambique). They wanted to give Francois and Nadia their 4x4 truck and their Toyota Condor.  Just like that, both of their vehicles!   Read Full Story
The reality is that Francois and Nadia haven’t lived in South Africa since 1996, and people, places and practices have moved on. They often find themselves in the awkward position of not knowing if they are responding appropriately in a certain situation. Read Full Story
The Hattingh family have just come through a very challenging and full two and a half years. Waldo especially had a very hard time last year physically.  (He had malaria twice, as well as scarlet fever and measles).  His body needs rest and he needs some medical attention. Read Full Story