Growing times

POSTED ON 1969-12-31
  by Carol smith

Poul has been in Sorimi for a few weeks now. He texted his wife Carol that the house was fine - relatively speaking, as it continues to deteriorate badly. He is tired from not sleeping well; he is no longer used to the rats, crickets, storms and other normal tropical noises.
They find it interesting to realise how they lived and slept there for years, but on a short visit back everything sounds so loud, and more rodents have taken over.

Poul has also had to attend to many general medical issues. Also an old lady passed away from a painful and terminal illness, but she was a believer. Thankfully, Poul has remained healthy so far.

Poul has been working on translation with his helpers. Typical to village life, they are not always available when he desires, so that requires flexibility but he is progressing. A lot of time is also needed for discipleship with individuals and the whole church, which is equally important alongside translating. There is much to accomplish within a few weeks and hard to balance it all. But God’s direction and enabling is evident!

He is pleased with good reports from the churches in two Sorimi hamlets that are one-two days hike away, with Sorimi men discipling them. In the main Sorimi village, they have independently built a new church, initiated by a few believers. While Poul is there, they plan to have a little conference all together.

One church teacher has wandered away from the Lord. Other leaders are getting alongside him and we pray that he will get his walk and testimony right again. Meanwhile, other young men are maturing in faith and keen to help within the church and translation needs.

A teacher and church planter in one of the hamlets is the father of a boy who ended up with his lower leg amputated after falling under a tractor July 2016. Recently, his five year old son died from high fever, possibly malaria. This man’s mother is the lady who just died. This dear man has faced a lot of hardships, praise God that he is continuing strong in the Lord.

There is encouraging growth and challenging situations. Some things are not easy for Poul to deal with, especially as he has little communication with others since contact via satellite phone or the radio can only be brief and often is not very clear. It is also hard for Carol not being there to support and work with him through these things. These are growing times for Poul and Carol as well as for the church and leaders in Sorimi.

On 26th October, Poul and probably three Sorimi men will head to Wewak for a big translation check with Lisa Kappler an NTM translation consultant.

Poul and Carol appreciate your prayers.

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