Settling well

POSTED ON 2017-08-28
  by Carol Smith

The kids are loving being back with all their friends, and the freedom they have to run outside and play within their fenced compound.

Paul and Lesley are also freshly appreciating the community they work amongst at the mission base. They are a very special group of people, working for the same goal of seeing remote people groups reached with the Word of God. Paul and Lesley find it a privilege to be a part of this work, and to hear of all that God is doing amongst many tribal groups. One people group who heard the chronological teaching at the start of this year, are still so excited about the truth they have heard, that the whole village is still meeting together regularly. 250 people on fire for God, and seeking to be discipled, and keen to hear more of God’s teaching.

Paul has a busy teaching schedule this academic year, but is coping well with that.

Praise the Lord his lip biopsy came back clear and it has healed up really well. He had sprained his ankle a couple of days after arriving back, but it is also recovering well.

Lesley is trying to finish setting up their house before starting in the clinic in a couple of weeks. She has really felt the transition to cooking and living back in PNG easier this time. God is answering those specific prayer requests.

So thank you for praying. God is so good.

They would really appreciate your prayers for them as they seek the Lord about their involvement with other ministries besides their main roles. There are always plenty of opportunities, but they want to be wise in what they commit to, so they don’t spread themselves too thin.

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