Medical furlough

POSTED ON 2017-06-03
  by Carol Smith

So far, Becky has been handling the medication okay, without many side effects. She recently had a check-up, which came back clear and so the door is open for her to return to Papua New Guinea for several months. During that time, she will be working very hard to finish the Mengen New Testament. She will need to have to have a follow-up MRI next summer, so her time in PNG will be limited. She really appreciates your prayers as she completes the final books of her translation project. It has taken almost 14 years to get to this point, so this will be a huge milestone for the Mengen people.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Mengen church. The Lord is at work in the lives of so many people. Please continue to pray for the Bible teachers and Mengen missionaries who carry heavy loads. Pray too for one of the Bible teachers whose wife is not a believer, which is a big discouragement for him. Please pray that the Lord would speak to her and her unsaved family members. She comes from a very large family who has opposed the Gospel for years.

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