Stored Bibles

POSTED ON 2017-04-29
  by NTM USA

John and Jessi George minister among the Hewa. John said, “When new books of the Bible are translated we print new ‘Bibles.’” The “old” Bibles are traded in for new ones (plus a small fee). He continued, “So I have this box of ‘old’ Bibles sitting in the loft in my house. I just like looking at them up there. … All torn up and faded and obviously used. Obviously carried over thick jungle trails, over logs and rivers and up mountainsides. Obviously read.”

With having only half of the New Testament translated, the Hewa are swept up in reading what they have, often reading by flashlight.

John finished with, “I am often challenged and encouraged by my Hewa brothers and sisters to spend more time in the Word of God.” Pray as the translation work continues for the Hewa believers.

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