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POSTED ON 2017-03-17
  by Carol Smith

For Tim and Sharon Simmonds one of the highlights of working at Radius is hearing the students share, at the end of each week, what the Lord has been teaching them. They are encouraged to hear how they are learning from God's Word, and from the good and the not-so-good circumstances God is bringing into their lives:

- that God is "enough" and He is worthy;

- that relying on their own performance will not accomplish the impossible church planting task before them - only by living in dependence on God each step of the way;

- that "grinning and bearing it" and hoping for the hard times to be over quickly, is probably not the best posture for facing a lifetime of suffering, difficulties and stressful situations, that are a consistent part of the life they have chosen... but rather, learning to live with intentionality and dependence on God, through the challenges.

- that sickness, suffering and labour pains are not what we would choose! However, God knows exactly what we need - and the results will truly be worth it.

Tim just finished teaching the phonetic sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) a few weeks back. Now he is just finishing the short Phonemics course, before they will move into an overview of Literacy. Tim will start teaching Grammar in mid-April after teaching the Literacy course.

Please pray for the students, as many of them are feeling quite overwhelmed with the intensity of the programme, but are wanting to get everything out of it that they can, as they prepare for the realities ahead. On top of their course requirements and their family, personal, local church, and community responsibilities, they are also weighing up major decisions regarding who to team up with, what region to serve in, what unreached language group to pursue, and what agency to work with to best accomplish God's mandate on their lives. They would appreciate you interceding on their behalf! Thank you!

Radius Day in February was a big success. This was an opportunity for those who are interested in missions (pastors, missions pastors and missions committee members, and potential students) to learn more about Radius, and how the training can help with the pre-field preparation of their missionary candidates, so that they can be confident when sending them out from their local church!

Construction on the new dorm building is progressing well, despite having much more rain than is normal! The plan is to have this project completed by July, for the new larger class (of up to 40) joining them at Radius!

Praise God with Tim and Sharon that Radius is also pursuing plans for a second campus fairly close to the existing one, due to increased interest in serious training for pioneer cross-cultural church planting among unreached language groups. Radius’ desire is to maintain a manageable number of students on each campus, so that they can keep a priority on the character development and discipleship aspects of their training.

Pray for a good attendance at the Radius Missiology Conference coming up May 23rd and 24th.

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