POSTED ON 2017-02-08
  by Carol Smith

During their break in Germany, Amy flew to the USA for a short visit. While she was there, their home church put a workday together. Old and young were cutting, laminating and sorting flashcards for the new literacy programme for the Glarro. There is still more to be done but this was a huge help in getting ready for a new class. The material they had used in their trial literacy class worked all right for those who were already literate in another language. However, with this new course, they will also be able to teach illiterate people to read and write their own language, so that they too can one day read God's Word for themselves! Praise the Lord for the good results of their first literacy (trial) class, and that others are interested and asking already when they will start a new class.

Amy will now mainly focus on getting that new literacy material completed and put to use. She also will get more involved with some steps in the Bible translation, particularly in the area of comprehension checking, which means reading the translated portions to some Glarro people and asking questions to see if it is being understood properly. This will lighten the load of their co-worker who has been doing that mostly all by herself and is currently finishing the translation of Acts and will work on Ephesians next.

Aaron will continue on his final stage of language learning. So far, it has seemed to be never ending, partially due to getting distracted with other projects, such as helping the locals make a new dugout canoe for the river crossing, or overseeing the building of their co-workers house and so on.

However, he has made progress, and they are hoping that he will be able to finish official Glarro study soon!
Their co-workers the Burkheads will be living with them while getting the interior of their house liveable. Pray for them as they get settled and start their language and culture study. Also pray that they will find good language helpers.

Aaron and Amy are thankful for so many people standing behind them in prayer. Please pray that God's love will shine strong through them and not be quenched by corruption, disappointments or anything else.
NTM UK is organising a SUMMIT (short-term) trip to the village in the summer!

The project will be to work on a water tower and do some house repairs for the missionaries. There will be lots of skilled and unskilled work. A willingness to work is all that is required. For more information, visit the website

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