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POSTED ON 2016-06-27
  by Carol Smith

Phil and his team of translators have worked steadily over the past six months and the books of Titus, Ephesians and the story of the life of Elijah have been consultant checked and are ready to go. They have also worked on the life of David, several of the Psalms and most recently, I Corinthians. God’s Word is being made available!
Elin continues to meet with the group of ladies from the recent literacy class, doing a post-literacy follow-up class to keep them sharp. Others from previous classes have joined them and they are also using the time to study and memorise the Word of God. God’s Word is taking root!
Francois faithfully works on lesson development as the teaching moves forward. He and Phil continue to meet with a group of 10+ guys who are being trained as Bible teachers. All of them have had an opportunity to teach at least once and are getting ready for their second chance. Phil has them on a rotating schedule and sits and works with them in advance, helping them to communicate well. The local believers are finishing up with the first part of the life of David and will soon begin a more topical series on baptism. God’s Word is impacting lives!
Another village among the Mwinika people (about a 45-minute drive away) has asked to hear God’s Word. This is the village where Phil and DJ Morrison first arrived to begin survey work among this people group. Literacy has been taught and the people (including many religious leaders) are anxious to hear the Message they have heard so much about! The believers back in Phil and Elin’s area are praying to ask God to raise up the right men to go and begin the Bible teaching. God’s Word is moving out!
The Mwinika team stand amazed at how God is drawing people to Himself. As prayers go up daily for the people, more and more are coming to hear the Word and asking for access to God’s Word. As the number of believers grows so does the job of discipleship. The missionaries try and take what opportunities they have to spend "one on one" time with as many as they can, asking God to take their few loaves and fishes and multiply them for His kingdom. God’s Word is changing lives!
Next month Phil has a series of leadership meetings in the USA mostly centred around curriculum development. Elin and Elias will spend the time catching up with folks in their base city and also working on little projects. Callie will also be arriving for her “summer” holidays. They plan to take a few weeks break as a family then return to the village for the month of August.

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