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POSTED ON 2016-05-13
  by Carol Smith

In order to make the necessary changes Jan Wols’ co-worker Dave needed to check the changes with knowledgeable Lamogai speakers.
Four of the Lamogai Church leaders agreed to travel to the NTM centre at Hoskins. After 31 hours of travel they were able to greet each other, not having seen each other for many years.
During the next three weeks Jan and Annette will facilitate Dave and the four men from Lamogai as they work to get all the corrections made and make the text uniform throughout the Lamogai Scriptures ready for the reprint.
Annette is working on the reorganisation of the Literacy office, before the move to the new consultant office. Jan will make a trip in to Mouk to meet with leaders of three different language groups.
Pray for Jan and Annette and the work among the Lamogai and other people groups in PNG.

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