God at work

POSTED ON 2016-02-12
  by Carol Smith

The village is next to where their missionary co-workers live. A Konyagi family is willing to host Alessandro and Chantal and has given them some land near where they live.
Alessandro and Chantal are amazed to see all these things fall into place so quickly and thank the Lord for His direction in all of this! They are also thankful to the other missionaries who have worked so hard to help them. They are continuing to help Alessandro and Chantal by getting the required paperwork so that they can build. Things are now moving at a slower (more normal) pace. Pray they will get these papers soon so the building can begin.
There are less than three weeks before Alessandro and Chantal leave Canada and they still have so much to do – appointments, packing, moving from their apartment, etc. They thank God that He has provided a way for Samuel to get the yellow fever vaccination he needs despite his egg allergy. Pray for Alessandro and Chantal’s upcoming travels, and that they’ll adjust well to life in Italy for the next three months.
Thank you so much for partnering with Alessandro and Chantal in prayer so that the Konyagi may soon hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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