By God’s grace

POSTED ON 2015-12-08
  by Carol smith

Eleven years ago God placed a dream in Alfred and Belinda hearts to teach His Word to a people group in Mozambique that has not heard His message before. In 2008 He led them to the Yao people. Alfred and Belinda have now lived there for six years by God’s grace and they are partnering with NTM missionaries Anthony and Jennie Chee.
After one year of house building, four years of language studies and 45 Bible lessons in Yao since August 2014, Alfred will present lesson number 46 on the betrayal and death of Jesus! Later in the week they will show the Jesus film in Yao. Exciting times!
Please stand with Alfred and Belinda and pray for a breakthrough in the Yao people’s hearts! That their eyes will be opened and their hearts made responsive to God’s call. He is the Only One who can do it! Alfred and Belinda pray that the people will put their trust completely in Jesus and His saving grace.
Also pray for Alfred as on Monday night he suddenly fell ill and was so sick and weak that on Tuesday morning he could only sit for short times. Although Belinda felt really bad for Alfred, her spirit was rejoicing when she heard a believer pray in Yao for God to help and to heal Alfred! It was a special moment for sure! God heard their cries for Alfred recovered enough and was able to present the lesson and once again did not need a chair to sit on while teaching. God is faithful! Please keep Alfred in your prayers.

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