Checking scripture

POSTED ON 2015-01-30
  by Carol Smith

They are thankful that their Komono co-worker’s foot and leg is now almost healed; it had been infected and very painful for a long time. They also praise the Lord for the time they could spend with believers and that they were able to attend The Christmas Eve service in the Loron village. Many people came to look at films about the Gospel and listen to the things that were explained by their Komono co-worker and hear the songs he and his family sang as a testimony. Pray for growth in unity and number among the Komono believers.
Pray for a man who had quite a remarkable dream giving him a desire to search for the ‘truth’. Also pray that the church building will soon be completed.
Jan and Doortje have been checking more scripture this month of January with different Komono. They plan to return to the Netherlands this weekend.

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