POSTED ON 2014-11-28
  by Carol Smith

In early November the Pal tribe in Papua New Guinea heard the Gospel for the very first time. What an exciting time it is for the missionaries after years of language and culture learning and then translating Scripture into their language and making lessons to teach the Word! Now, they can rejoice as they see many of these people trust Christ as Saviour. This year the Pal believers will celebrate Christmas for the very first time! What a thrill that must be for these people as they have understood that Jesus came and died on the cross for all mankind. Praise the Lord with us over these new Dear Ones in Christ. As the missionaries walk through the village they see people packed into houses discussing God’s Word and the truth of the Gospel, even answering questions and affirming their belief while challenging the unbelieving. Pray for the new believers among the Pal people as they learn what it means to walk with the Lord. No doubt they will be persecuted for their faith.

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