Things pilling up

POSTED ON 2014-10-24
  by Carol Smith

Recently Nadia was battling a tummy bug, and an abscess on her tooth that even baffled the dentists by its severity. She was not only robbed of her new phone while she was sitting in the car holding it, but just a few minutes before, was physically attacked and held by three young guys who were trying to take her handbag (They did not succeed). God is good. Unfortunately Heidi was with Nadia and was really shook up by these incidents which happened in the city.
The Hattinghs have now returned home to the village. Shortly after their return, Nadia found a strange man with a bag in his hand standing in their house. All three of their children were in the house during this time, but unaware of his presence.
They had no running water and three guests staying with them. Heidi developed a fever and has a weird rash... to name but a few of the recent happenings!
A recent literacy consultation with International and African consultants who visited to evaluate their work has helped them to polish it up and move forward.
Their vehicle is in the workshop because of some serious metal fatigue in the structure.
Things have been challenging but God has been faithful in bringing them through. Pray especially for Heidi that she would feel safe and secure. Pray that they will all find their security in the Lord. Also pray for their protection, physical energy, and above all a consistent walk in the Spirit.

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