Printing Bible books

POSTED ON 2014-06-27
  by Carol Smith

It’s been a while since Jan and Doortje have gone there together. They plan to do some checking of books. Pray that the Lord will go before them and make this all possible.
Earlier this year Jan went back to West Africa. He had good talks with Wycliffe Bible translators in Burkina Faso and they are able to print Bible books at their print shop. Romans, Luke, Ruth, Jonah have been printed and Genesis is on its way.
Two believers were able to get good motorbikes to help them in their outreach amongst the Komono and church planting ministries. One of them is going around with a little projector, showing movies of Bible stories and sharing the Gospel with the listeners.
Others, who have or are listening to God’s Word on micro SD cards, come with questions about God’s salvation plan.
The church building in the village is almost finished. The floor still had to be poured and the walls painted. Pray that it will be a help for those that are ‘secret believers’ to come and attend the meetings as well, since this building is placed more at the edge of the village, making it more accessible and not right in the centre where everyone is looking at the believers meeting together.
Christian persecution makes it quite understandable why some are ‘secret believers’.
Due to the changing weather, many Komono have continually bad harvests and are suffering and hungry, especially in the summer months before the new crops are ready to be harvested. One believer wrote a list of about 17 families/widows that need help in this area. The Komono church in the village frequently helps these people. Pray that those who receive this physical food will also hunger after the food that comes from heaven, the Word of God.
Pray for Jan’s health, his hip has been bothering him off and on for a quite a while now. It seems like he has lost most of the cartilage in his right hip due to a fall from his motorbike in West Africa a couple of years ago, at times it makes it hard to move and walk.

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