East Gimi

POSTED ON 2014-02-19
  by Carol Smith

Lynne has the very interesting job of reading the prayer letters that come in from NTM missionaries from all around the world, and checking the data in the NTM computer system to see if it is correct and corresponds with what they write in their letters. She finds it a joy to read the updates. Because of her years of experience on the field, she can be an encouragement to others.
In the Gimi where Lynne served for many years about 42 people were saved at the end of last year in a village in East Gimi. The people also had a Gimi-wide elders’ meeting in November.
Lynne is also checking the Bible lessons of 2 Corinthians. Please keep praying for the dear Gimi believers...and especially for the church leaders and their wives and families.

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