A job well-done

POSTED ON 2014-02-18
  by Katy Hare

The last two New Testament books to be translated into the Dom language have been checked.

Give a shout for joy! The translation of the Dom New Testament is complete.

Last week saw the final check by a Bible translation specialist, missionaries and their Dom co-workers of the last two New Testament books to be translated in the Dom language, Revelation and Philemon.  

“We are excited and relieved to see this happen,” missionaries Jim and Judy Burdett said. After three decades of heartfelt dedication and numerous obstacles the Dom people will be the recipients of the Word of God in their own language. 

“I must say that there were times we wanted to quit, but God gave us a strong desire to see this job finished.” Judy went on to say. "When we first moved into the tribe, Jim had a hard time getting good translation help. So the translation foundered, but then God led him to Gena."

Gena, a Dom believer, has been just as determined to see this job completed.

“We could not have done it without God’s grace and the support of all our partners at home,” Judy went to say.

This fall, the Burdetts will be visiting the NTM Communication Department in Sanford, Florida, to prepare the translation for printing.

What about the cost, you might ask? The Dom New Testament will soon have sufficient funds for the publishing. 

“It’s been fun to watch God provide," Judy shares. "When we asked how much it would cost to print, it seemed like such a large amount.” God led the Burdetts to open an account through NTM for Bible translation. Soon after, a lady who runs a used clothing store sent the first $5,000 toward the Dom New Testament publishing costs. More gifts followed from many other generous people that now total almost $45,000.

"We want to thank God and all who gave to see this become a reality,” Judy shares.

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