Catching the vision

POSTED ON 2014-01-31
  by Katy Hare

An Embera believer is revising literacy materials, so more people can learn to read and write.

Since the 2011 Embera New Testament dedication in Panama, it has been the prayer of retired missionaries that the growing Embera church catches the vision for literacy in the indigenous language. 

God is answering that prayer.

One dedicated Embera believer recently invited the missionary to help him revise the transitional primer in the Embera language. He hopes to use this primer to not only build up the body of believers but to reach people outside the church.

The first objective is a transitional literacy program for those who read Spanish but not Embera. A second objective is to develop a course for Embera people over 55 who are illiterate and desire to read the Scriptures in their language. 

Please pray that the Emberas would initiate a church-wide literacy program for those interested in reading the published Embera Scriptures, which would expand the level of maturity of the Embera church and their evangelistic outreach to neighbouring villages.

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