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POSTED ON 2014-01-13
  by Cathy Drobnick

Church-planting and parenting are both full-time ministries.

Missionary Julie Martin stays busy in more than one arena.

She and her husband, Adam, are establishing  a church among the Akolet people. They are in the bush village that they call home, involved in teaching the Akolet church how to study the Bible.

“This has been a rewarding time,” Julie writes. “They are loving the principles of observing, interpreting and applying what they are reading, and we are seeing a new kind of excitement kindled in many Akolet believers. … Many are interacting during the lessons, including the ladies who have tended to remain pretty quiet in the past. We’re thankful for this!”

This much-loved teaching ministry is a full-time occupation for Julie in itself.

But it’s not her only full-time ministry.

“I found a cracker in my make-up bag this morning,” shares Julie. “The bag was just sitting there on the bathroom counter—and there was a half-eaten cracker laying in it.”

It was a quiet little reminder of her other precious ministry; one that keeps her busy from morning until night. “We have a very active 2-year-old who is certainly keeping us on our toes!” Julie laughs.

The sacred trust of parenthood is large in the Martins’ lives, even while they invest their lives in sharing the Good News about Jesus that is transforming Akolet lives. They know that raising a 2-year-old is ministry, too.

Maybe you can just begin to imagine the challenges of nurturing a toddler while living in a remote bush village. Just picture a missionary mommy in a big hurry, finding a half-eaten cracker left behind in her make-up bag.

Ministry for missionaries is absolutely full-time, in many arenas.

How much of your life belongs to God? Are there tasks He is calling you to do? Here are some things to think about.

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