Vision for youth

POSTED ON 2014-01-10
  by Carol Smith

Dubby and Anna’s Senegalese co-worker’s wife and son have had a lot of experience of youth work amongst their own people. Now they would like to organise some activities for Saafi youth on Wednesday afternoons when there are no classes at school. This would include sports, song and Bible teaching.
Pray that they will receive the approval of the village chief.
On a personal note Dubby and Anna feel that they have found a dormer bungalow which will work for them at a manageable price. It was originally built for a disabled person about 70 years ago, so it has most of the necessary features, and the other needed features are readily possible! It is only about 2km (1½ miles) from their present location, and very readily accessible.
It is a wonderful relief to think that the years of constant search are, hopefully, now at an end!
Anna has spent quite a few hours recently translating some more songs. She finds it a privilege to be able to pass on the blessings that others enjoy in a different tongue.
Anna is doing remarkably well, considering how she has felt for the last twelve months! The Parkinsons is stable, and she has only occasional sciatic pains! They thank the Lord for his great kindness!
Dubby is trying to concentrate on preparing short Bible teaching sessions for videoing in the near future. Pray for the Lord to give him His words for each part.
Charlton wants to retake his A-level exams in Maths and Chemistry in May, to raise his grades so as to enter Southampton University in September. He is finding it a challenge to "re-tread old paths".

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