POSTED ON 2013-12-27
  by Carol Smith

Mailis didn’t take the check this time, but the consultants gave her ideas for trying to fit some language study into her busy days with Richard and their home. Pray that she would be able to remember what she has learned.

The last translation check of the Dom New Testament will take place in February. After that Jim and Judy need to get it ready for printing: that involves a lot of detailed work (for example proof reading the whole book, which they have already started to work at) and many decisions about the printing. Pray for the Lord’s help and guidance in it all and also for enough finances for printing and shipping the New Testaments to Papua New Guinea.

Richard continues to bring joy to Gerolf and Mailis. During the last few months he has grown a lot physically and they can see him developing very fast in other areas as well. They just marvel at God’s work in creating a human being and giving him the inward drive and curiosity to learn all the time. Continue to pray for wisdom for Gerolf and Mailis in raising Richard.

Jim and a Dom believer have been teaching in a neighbouring village and recently taught on the betrayal, trial and crucifixion of the Lord. When they were finished teaching there was a quiet sort of excitement in the group of eleven people. One man smiled and clapped his hands. Another spoke up and said that he understands and gave a solid testimony of faith. And a dear man, who generally says very little, spoke and said he believes like that thief on the cross and now he can look forward to Jesus taking him to heaven too. The rest of the group didn’t say much but the Dom believer felt they understood the Gospel. This was the first time ever for Jim to hear people actually speak up and give testimonies all on their own.

Continue to pray for the Dom people.

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