Siars affirm elders

POSTED ON 2013-12-03
  by Dena McMaster

God raised up Jon and Tande to serve Him, and the church recognised it.

The Siar church stepped out in faith to affirm two men as elders.

After years of discipling, teaching, shepherding and training, Jon and Tande were prepared to serve the Lord in a leadership capacity.

The church affirmed them as spiritually mature and stable men with the qualifications to be elders. Missionaries Chris Lujan and Lane Sanford carefully trained these men to serve as elders. Several in the church recognised that Jon and Tande were worthy of support as they served the Lord.

Currently they are teaching through the book of 1 Corinthians to help the church to grow spiritually and pull together as one body.

Please pray for Jon and Tande as they teach the church the truths found in 1 Corinthians. Pray that they will accept their new responsibilities and that display in their lives the strength and humility of the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord with us for what He has done in the lives of Jon and Tande, but also in the life of the Siar Church.

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