Behind and ahead

POSTED ON 2013-07-24
  by Cathy Hedvall

2012 was rough for Darcy Berglund, and a correct perspective has helped make 2013 tough but good.

As 2012 came to a close, missionary Darcy Berglund had lost one of her co-workers, been in a cycle accident and had dengue fever. She started the new year off saying, “these things are now behind me and I look forward to seeing how the Lord is going to use us this year in His field.”

Only an eternal perspective of hope, and a desire to be faithfully used as God’s ambassador to those who have not heard, motivate Darcy to press on. 

As she sees God using her to encourage and help others who are translating, checking, drafting and recording the Word of God, she doesn’t let the difficult travel over mountain ranges on motorcycles and small airplanes discourage her.

She is encouraged as she takes part in team fellowship meetings where they have dinner, chopping down a couple of coconut trees and cooking the palm heart with her tribal co-workers as is their custom.

Darcy says that she is so thankful for all of her translation co-workers. Each is gifted in a different area. One is Oke, who, when Darcy suggests exegetical helps and notes, knows exactly how to include them.

They finished recording Ruth, and drafted and checked Esther for comprehension and preparation for a final check.

Darcy felt her stamina and health challenged as she checked 321 verses of Peter and Ephesians. These verses are critical for the message about His church, Christ’s body. Putting it in print is the finishing crown after the Lord revealed ways to edit to be more exact to the original in meaning and intent while making it sound more natural in the Semandang language.

“One of the very difficult concepts to express is that God is going to give us a share in Christ’s glory, a concept that we were already struggling to express many years ago when we translated Romans. We still have not been able to come up with an accurate but meaningful expression. “

Recently one person on the drafting team had a mini stroke. But the work goes on as the churches are beginning to get a “finishing team” together before next summer. This team will work together over the next few years to make final decisions on key terms, edit and revise where needed on the work that’s been done in preparation for printing their New Testament.

As she prepares for her next trip interior to work on John and Esther again, she anticipates yet another learning experience as she does the work God has given her to do.

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