Sony's daughter, Karisa

POSTED ON 2013-04-12
  by Cathy Drobnick

God is strengthening a young believer to stand firm for Christ, even under a lot of pressure.

Sony and Nike’s infant daughter, Karisa, has been struggling to live and Sony continues to walk through each day in radical dependence upon his faithful God.

Sony is not a stranger to trials. You may have read his story a few months back. 

Sony was one of the first in his Buru community to respond to the Gospel. Soon after becoming a believer in Jesus, he began to experience struggles of various kinds. He suffered through his own severe health challenges, ongoing family problems, an arranged marriage to an unbeliever, subsequent marital struggles and the loss of two children.

Sony has remained committed to Christ, determining to love his wife as Christ loved the church in times of rejoicing or sorrow and inspite of great pressure to conform to the ways of the world around him.

Missionary Paul McDole writes, “On Thursday, March 7, Sony’s wife, Nike, gave birth to a tiny baby girl. We seriously wondered if Karisa, Nike’s third child, would die as the first two had.”

By Saturday, Paul says, the baby had a rash and was refusing to eat.

Relatives gathered to give advice. Advice based in cultural traditions rather than in God’s Word.

“Call the shaman,” some suggested.

“Sony, offer a chicken to the spirits,” others said.

Others advised that the grass on his dad’s grave needed to be cut. Some blamed the baby’s struggles on someone sinning.

“But Sony stood firm; he’d already made up his mind. He was going to trust the Lord whether the baby lived or not,” Paul writes.

In addition, Sony steadily refused to follow the cultural rites regarding childbirth. Things like the elders of the village sprinkling the baby and mother as they prayed to their ancestors.

Since Buru tradition dictates that if any of the superstitions are disregarded, the baby will die, “Sony’s baby has obviously been the talk of the village,” Paul explains.

But instead of fearfully giving in to his culture’s folklore, Sony asked Paul and Tina and the Buru believers to pray for baby Karisa. Soon after, Paul’s wife, Tina, stopped by to see how little Karisa was doing. Tina urged Nike to try to nurse the baby again.

And this time, little Karisa ate. It was a moment of great joy. 

The Buru church has gathered to pray for God’s mercy in the life of tiny Karisa.

After several weeks, Sony and Nike’s baby girl has finally weighed in at 3.9 pounds. Paul and Tina continue with Sony and other Buru believers in fervent prayer that Karisa will live and grow strong and healthy, and that her life will be used by God mightily.

You can join Buru believers in praying, Paul McDole encourages. “Pray for Baby Karisa that she will be a strong, healthy little girl.”

Her good health would be, Paul says, a bright testimony to the village that Christ triumphs over the powers of darkness. Pray also that Sony’s wife, Nike, will soon understand the Gospel and turn to Christ as her Saviour. Pray that Sony will continue to stand strong for the truth of God’s Word, through the storms of many trials, for the glory of God.

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