Not much thought

POSTED ON 2013-04-11
  by Cathy Hedvall

When was the last time you had to think about how to hold a pencil or a book, or what those marks on the paper mean?

Holding a book or pencil or being able to read and write is something often just expected to be learned at a very young age.

Seeing and knowing what one’s name might look like in written form is most often a given.

Or is it?

For a Patpatar man in the humid rainforest of Papua New Guinea, this doesn’t hold true. Aaron and Lori Luse give testimony to that in their news about how their literacy classes have affected him:

When we first started the literacy classes in Patpatar one of the students that attended was a young man who had a wife and several young children. He was a hard worker but quiet and reserved. His struggle with what might be anemia often causes him to be bedridden on a mat in his small hut. He had no formal education but wanted to learn.

The first day of literacy class for him was difficult. How to hold a book, how to hold a pencil, being able to recognize his name on paper, tasks we don’t usually give much thought to, were struggles. He wasn’t a quick learner, but he persevered. Four months later he stood timidly before the crowd gathered for graduation and slowly read a simple story. But what has happened since then?

...  The young man who had to be taught how to hold a book is now a believer and is growing in the Lord and reading God’s Word for himself.

Both the Patpatar man and the Luses had to persevere, putting an awful lot of thought into overcoming these challenges.

It has been so motivating to see that learning to hold a pencil and book literally lead to the reading of God’s Word and growing as a new believer.

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