On days like this

POSTED ON 2013-04-10
  by Cathy Drobnick

Some days are packed full of opportunities for Jim and Joy Elliott to trust God.

It was a hard day.

“It’s always hard to know how to react to death,” missionary Joy Elliott shares.

Especially, Joy says, when you have watched a 4-year-old Morop girl all her life. Joy had watched Noprina’s birth. She had watched her childhood days of playing and growing.  

But on this day, she watched Noprina with great sadness.

Noprina’s mother had come running that morning, carrying her little girl. “Noprina was fine yesterday,” she cried, “We stayed up all night with her and then I ran here.”

Helplessly, Joy watched the little girl who was in a coma and having seizures.  “Soon death overtook her little body,” she writes.

“A hard day indeed. … The feeling of wanting to mourn, wanting to be sensitive to the family, wondering what to say, what to give, who to talk to, how to comfort . … All these feelings … as we mourned the death of little Noprina.

“On days like this, life is stressful and very hard, but we are reminded that the things God has shown us in the light, we are not to doubt in the darkness,” she adds.

Please pray especially for Susana, Noprina’s mother, as she grieves the sad loss of her little girl. Pray for God’s strength, joy and comfort upon her and Noprina’s family and friends. Pray for Jim and Joy Elliott, as they serve God by living with and loving well the Morop people.

Pray that this tragic loss will be used by God to draw many to Christ.

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