Back to the tribe

POSTED ON 2013-01-07
  by Cathy Drobnick

Greg and Heidi Greenlaw return to visit Nakui believers and come away greatly encouraged.

Last week they made another trip back to the village where he and his family ministered for 15 years, Greg Greenlaw writes.

“Boy, did we leave encouraged,” he adds.

The visit was five days of camping out with no privacy and lousy food, but Greg is rejoicing. To have seen God’s work continue in the lives of believers there was well worth the journey.

“It was 2½ years ago that we moved out, not knowing what would become of the distracted gaggle of Nakui believers. But while they were weak and wishy-washy, God’s Word remained resilient. The seeds of truth planted in their hearts were germinating and the fruit we would like to have seen in 2007 was finally peaking out in 2011 and 2012,” Greg shares.

Greg’s ministry in recent years has changed a bit. He is enjoying more and more opportunities to introduce Firm Foundations chronological Bible teaching curriculum to pastors throughout New Guinea.

“Right now,” he writes, “there are 5,000 more copies of the course headed this way from the printer.”

But for this trip to back to the tribe, Greg’s heart overflowed with gratefulness to see what God’s Word is accomplishing in transforming lives and maturing believers.

Kibo, Suse and Sobai are three believing Nakui men who are standing firm for Christ. Their home lives and marriages are functioning “better than ever,” Greg says.

Suse’s wife told Heidi, “It’s not like it used to be. Suse and I don’t swear at each other, and he never hits me. We go everywhere together, helping each other. He goes with me to do the sago and I go help him in the garden. He even helps me carry the firewood.”

The unity and mutual respect of the three men for one another are much in evidence, Greg writes. In fact, he discussed again with the three men if it was the right time to recognize them as the first Nakui elders. “Unfortunately, Kibo’s wife, Mana, is still not a believer, though we see her warming to the Good News.”

Suse and Sobai decided to wait with Kibo for ordination. They are hoping to see Mana come to Christ soon so that these three brothers in Christ can be ordained as Nakui elders together. They are hoping maybe in March when Greg will again visit the village.

Nawaulo, Sobai’s wife, said to Heidi, “Heidi, we need to pray for Mana. We should all pray for Mana every day. You in Goroka, us in Nakui -- and (those) in America.”

The Nakui believers continue to grow in Christ and to reach out in love to those who do not yet know Him. Mana’s heart seems almost ready to embrace the truth of the Gospel, a transformation that has great potential to encourage the Nakui church.

Now, there’s something you can pray about every day.

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