No fast lane for church planting

POSTED ON 2013-01-15
  by Dena McMaster

Growth for Maslaumanda believers can be a series of stops and starts.

Malaumanda believers are experiencing growing pains. Many are spiritual babes and are going through the ups and downs of growing in the Lord.

One of the Bible teachers who was to be part of a major outreach got into a yelling match with one of his brothers. The argument escalated until they grabbed sticks, pots and bush knives to hit each other. Fortunately no one was hurt in the fight but a few hours later the Holy Spirit convicted the Bible teacher of his wrong.

“Since then we have seen true repentance and restoration between these two men,” wrote missionary Eric Hedeen.  

Another Bible teacher had some major personal and marriage problems that disqualified him from the ministry. The missionaries have been counseling him and recently have seen some softness in his responses. His marriage still needs work but God is beginning to work in his heart.

One after another Malaumanda believers experience the pains caused by spiritual lessons but the church is slowly emerging.

“For me,” Eric wrote, “the best way that I can describe church planting at the stage that we are at is to say that it is a bit like driving in L.A. traffic. The sign on the side of the road may say 65 but that sure isn't the speed that you are travelling at. Sometimes you start to increase your speed and think that you're actually going to gain some momentum. And then you see everyone's brake lights and have to slam on the brakes. This isn't the most enjoyable driving on the planet but by keeping your eyes on the road and exercising a great deal of patience you can get to the end of your journey.

“We certainly need plenty of prayer and Grace as we negotiate the 'road' that has been set out before us. I won't say that I regularly deal with 'road rage' but the frustration of these starts and stops is real, and can wear on our resolve to keep going. Knowing that people are standing with us in prayer is a huge encouragement to us during these times.” 

Pray for Eric and his co-workers the Huttemans as they minister among the Malaumanda people.

Get equipped to nurture a new church among an unreached people group.

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