Celebration is an opportunity

POSTED ON 2013-01-14
  by Dena McMaster

Musa's ordination brought many from the community.

Hundreds of people converged on Musa’s house for a 24-hour party. He was the first “official pastor” in the region. It is common in the culture to celebrate with one who has been especially honoured.

Musa was ordained by the local pastors and they printed a special T-shirt to honour him. The text on the shirt says in French, “Whom shall I send and who will go for us? Here I am, send me, Isaiah 6:8.”

Musa saw this event as a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel with those at his party. The crowd consisted of local pastors and believers and many from the traditional religion as well as many from another religious group. For many of the guests it was the first time they have ever heard a message about Jesus.

The believers planned a full programme of events lasting until the next afternoon. Several spoke to honour Musa.

They showed a gospel movie in the evening and several Gospel bands performed from time-to-time during the programme. A typical song has the first line performed by the band singer and then echoed by the group. The believers sang the praise and worship songs with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The community brought two bulls to help feed the crowds and there was feasting throughout the event. 

Among the many that came is the small group of Saafi men whom Musa is teaching from Genesis. They wanted to share their joy at the Scripture truths they have been learning.

Please pray today that Musa and the other believers speak the Word of God with authority and clarity and that many hearts are stirred and they will desire to hear more.

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