Building a team, building a house

POSTED ON 2009-05-14
  by Christina Johnson

NTM missionaries Konrad and Betty Binder met with their new co-workers, Nathan and Megan Ingvoldstad, to set goals and lay out a strategy for reaching their Tagbanwa village, and surrounding villages in the Philippines, with the Gospel.

"The more we mapped out the different tasks, we realized that we are shorthanded and that we would need at least another family on our team," Konrad wrote.

The Binders are looking forward to working with the Ingvoldstads and are excited about Nathan and Megan's arrival, which is already proving to be a great testimony to the Tagbanwas.

Tagbanwas stood amazed recently as they observed 11 carpenters who traveled from the USA to finish the framing, roof and walls of the Ingoldstads' new home.

"It was a great testimony to the people in the village ... to see the unity and excitement that everybody showed," Konrad wrote.

The carpenters raised their own money to make the trip to the Philippines and expected nothing in return. One Tagbanwa family was surprised when they found out the carpenters were building the house for free. The family recognized that the carpenters really wanted the Ingvoldstads to have a house so they could learn the Tagbanwas' language and share the Gospel.

Please pray as the Tagbanwas grow curious about this important message the missionaries will eventually share with them. Pray that they will listen with open hearts and in time, understand the forgiveness and grace that Jesus Christ offers.

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