Banwaon children hear Gospel

POSTED ON 2009-05-22
  by Caroline Schumacher

Missionary Lynne Castelijn has the opportunity to reflect on how far the Banwaon tribe has come while watching the Banwaon children play on her porch.

Lynne has anywhere from two to 20 kids playing on her porch with Legos and toy cars every day.

The children have had the chance to hear the Gospel and many of them are saved. Each week they have an hour-long Bible lesson with chronological in-depth teaching from the Word. Lynne is thankful that the children are free from the spirits and taboos that haunted their parents' childhood, allowing them to live without fear.

She is thrilled to see how God is already working in their lives.

"As I watched the children laughing and running around and playing last week, my heart lifted in praise for the children of this tribe. They are the future of the church here," Lynne writes.

But Lynne is aware of the challenges that these children still face. It is the rainy season and food supplies are running short.

"Sometimes I have kids playing on the porch literally from dawn to dusk," Lynne writes, "and I realize they haven't gone home for lunch because there isn't any."

Praise God for how far these children have come. Please pray that these children will continue to stand firm in their faith as they grow up.

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