Vampires just part of the problem

POSTED ON 2009-06-03
  by Caroline Schumacher

The Tagbanwa people in the Philippines live in daily fear of evil spirits.

When missionary Betty Binder went to check on Christomie, a man who had been sick, she was met by his daughter who told Betty that her father was out telling people about vampires.

When asked about the vampires, Rovina told her what she knew. "Today they look white, and there are two of them. A man and a woman. They have already killed people. Others are still in the hospital, and have bite marks on their necks. You should watch out!"

"What do you think we should do?" Betty asked.

"Just watch out. During the day you might hear them sing and at night just stay in the house. Don't go outside!" Rovina replied.

"We have this kind of dialogue on a daily basis," Betty wrote, "It is so sad for us to see the fear these people live in. They tell us all kinds of stories. … There have been many sightings [of vampires]. They know details and facts. And yet, we know it's all Satan keeping them tied up in darkness and fear."

"We are still in the process of learning their language and culture. But even now we can tell and assure them that our God is bigger than all their fears and vampires. By their faces we can tell they understand and believe that," she wrote.

The missionaries hope for the day when Christomie will go around the village telling the news that Christ has set him free, instead of spreading fear of vampires.

Please pray that Christomie and the other Tagbanwa people will hear God's Word and be freed from their fear of spirits.

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