Palawano believer falls ill

POSTED ON 2009-06-04
  by Dena McMaster

Nili, a Southwestern Palawano believer in the Philippines is gravely ill.

"We've known [Nili] since she was 4 years old," wrote missionary Donna Davis. "She was one of our daughter Elisa's best friends growing up. Now she's our main clinic worker and also one of our key translation helpers."

Nili and her husband Odi have five children. She is a busy mother and co-laborer with Davis' in translating God's Word into her native language.

Nili, though only 31, has a serious heart condition which has apparently been developing over a long period of time.

When she was admitted to the hospital, Donna reported, "Her breathing was very fast, her right lung sounded full and one eye occasionally loses vision. Her blood pressure was dangerously high and an x-ray showed an extremely enlarged heart, about double the size you would expect in her tiny chest cavity."

She responded to medications, but remains in the hospital.

Please join us in praying for Nili's recovery and for Odi and the children. Pray also for missionaries Bill and Donna Davis as they continue with translation and their ministry among the Southwestern Palawanos in the midst of their concern for their friend and co-worker, Nili.

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