Apò listening to God's Word

POSTED ON 2009-06-15
  by Caroline Schumacher

Missionaries Steve and Ros Baird in the Philippines have become good friends with Apò, a grandfatherly man.

Apò served as a soldier during World War II when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. His experiences left him with a great respect for the "Americano."

"Some of his family have recently trusted the Lord but Apò, who says he's too old and frail, has not been coming to the teaching," Ros wrote. "Recently, he agreed to allow Steve to teach him at home."

"Older people are often the hardest to reach with the Gospel as they are [set] in their traditional beliefs about spirits."

So far Steve has been able to teach Apò about creation, Satan's rebellion, and the fall of man.

Please pray that Apò will continue to listen to God's teachings and come to understand God's plan for his life.

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