The rains came down but attendance didn't

POSTED ON 2009-07-01
  by Dena McMaster

Four days of torrential rain didn't dampen attendance at the Kalanguya believers' conference in the Philippines.

The rain before the conference seemed to indicate that attendance would be down, especially among those who had to come from remote villages. But by Saturday evening a large crowd had assembled for the four-day conference.

The theme was Kablodan meaning "the most precious." The topics included Christ Himself, God's Word, serving Him and worship.

Missionary Bob Bagley reported, "My topics were Christ Himself and worship, … which I enjoyed teaching. Two of the Kalanguya church leaders taught on the other two points. There were many good sharing times and testimonies, and also some good skits."

In one skit the Kalanguyas portrayed Isaiah 44, showing the foolish man making a god from a piece of wood, then making a fire to cook his food and warm himself from the other end.

At the Sunday night meeting a lady in her late 80's walked to the front and gave a testimony and then sang a song. She had walked from a village two hours away and wanted to take part in the meeting.

"I had really good individual times with many of the men which is always a highlight for me," Bob wrote. "The men seemed to enjoy the times of fellowship with each other over the weekend which was really good to see."

The believers in the village hosting the event did a great job of providing hospitality for the attendees in spite of the inclement weather. They worked together to prepare great meals for the entire conference.

Following the conference many believers began the long walk home -- strengthened and encouraged by their time of fellowship and teaching.

Pray that the Kalanguya believers will continue to grow in their walk with the Lord. Pray also for Bob Bagley and the Kalanguya church leaders as they shepherd and encourage the believers.

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