Higaunon New Testament ready for printing

POSTED ON 2009-07-01
  by Christina Johnson

In 1981, a little girl named Robyn moved with her family to live among the Higaunon tribe in the Philippines. Once settled in, her parents, Ron and Michelle Jennings, began learning how to adapt to a new culture and language.

Now, over a quarter of a century later, the New Testament in the Higaunon language is ready to be printed.

Once copies of the translated New Testament are printed in the USA, they'll be shipped to the Philippines and sent to the village where the Jennings, along with missionaries Lance and Laura Ostman, are working.

The Higaunons will help cover and bind the translations so they can be made available to the Higaunon church. In September, a celebration will be held as Higaunons from other villages will gather for a giving of thanks for the translation and the potential for more outreach among the tribal people of the Philippines.

Robyn and her husband, David Parry, are hoping they can visit her parents and the Ostmans in time for the celebration.

"It is awesome to be able to see the end result of what we are all about and to see history being made for these tribal people," David wrote. "For Robyn, who grew up there and witnessed the birth of the Higaunon Church, it would be really special to her to be able to be there since the New Testament, and the Gospel it contains, was the reason she grew up in this tribe."

Please pray for the Parrys as they ask God to show them whether or not He would have them, as a family, be a part of this event.

"The Higaunon church is a church that is fully supportive of us through prayer in what we do," David wrote. "We would like to show our support to them as well by sharing this event with them."

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