Preparing men to lead

POSTED ON 2009-07-16
  by David Bell

On Sunday the Tagbanwa people will once again hear about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

The Tagbanwa people in the Philippines were taught a series of Bible lessons from Creation to Christ’s resurrection about two years ago, but missionaries decided to revisit their initial teaching since many of those now meeting with the Tagbanwa church had not heard it before.

Missionaries Ray Pollock and Daniel Brooks are currently working with a few Tagbanwa men to revise some of their Bible lessons.

"It is exciting to see these men we are working with increasing in knowledge and faith," wrote Ray, "and we continue to trust God that he will raise up men here that will become future leaders in the church. We are particularly excited to see one of the men, Joshua, who is coming along exceptionally well."

The missionaries find that working with Joshua to develop more lessons is "a really great way to disciple him. Joshua seems to be developing well, and has a keenness to be used by the Lord. We will slowly introduce him over the next months into doing some teaching himself, using some of the lessons he is helping with," Ray wrote.

In the coming months the missionaries will be out of the tribe for a few months and are preparing men to carry on the ministry.

"We are working with some of the guys, and especially Joshua, so that they will be able to take the meetings while we are not there," Ray wrote. "So please be praying for Joshua especially, as he will take most of the burden. This could be a real time of growth for the church, as they begin to trust God for their own needs."

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