Mano feared losing his leg

POSTED ON 2009-10-15
  by David Bell

Mano was afraid that the doctors would cut off his leg, but God is using his healing to convince him of the truth of God’s Word.

Over a nine-month period, Mano’s family had taken him to four shamans and sacrificed several chickens to cure the young man’s infected leg. In his Tala Andig culture Mano had been taught that his infection was caused by angry spirits who had put a curse on him.

The lack of healing caused the family to seek the help of missionaries Steve and Ros Baird who were able to get him to a hospital in the Philippines.

Mano’s leg is now healing well and this week he told the missionaries that he now understands that the fallen angels have been deceiving the people and that sickness and death are the result of Adam and Eve’s sin.

Mano says he is now trusting in the Savior who is the only one who saves from Satan, sin and death.

Please pray for Mano’s complete healing and that his family will come to know the truth that he has learned.

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