Manobo missionaries know God cares

POSTED ON 2009-11-06
  by David Bell

A Manobo couple in the Philippines, Mahan and Arsisa, have seen God provide continually since their move to another village to present the Gospel.

Recently, Mahan and his family returned to their home village to harvest their rice and gave a report of their experience since stepping out in faith to serve the Lord far from home.

Mahan encouraged the teachers and teacher trainees that they shouldn’t be afraid to leave home and go to another place to teach God’s word.

"God will take care of you," he told them.

Mahan confessed that for many months before they made the decision to move he feared that his family would starve. But Arsisa kept saying that they should just go ahead and move and trust the Lord to take care of them.

Then Mahan pointed out the obvious -- that they hadn’t died of hunger.

"God determines when we die," he said. "He could take us through illness or accident just as well as by hunger."

He reminded the people that as a teenager he was going down the path to the stream one day to get water when a revenge killer hiding in the jungle shot at him seven times. Bullets whizzed by his head but none hit him.

"God preserved me because he had something for me to do."

Mahan has been unable to find work in the village where his family is ministering, but he gave examples of how God has provided food, a place to live and a new motorcycle to replace one that was continually breaking down.

The motorcycle also provides a small means of income for food and gas to travel to his outreaches. He provides a taxi service for the community.

But he cautioned his hearers, "Don’t become a Bible teacher just because you think you’ll get a motorcycle. God provides what each Bible teacher needs depending on his circumstance."

Mahan’s in-laws, who are also believers, have received a lot of criticism from unsaved relatives because they let Mahan and Arsisa move away, but they have stood firm against that criticism. Culturally, Mahan’s family would be servants to the in-laws.

Please pray for Mahan as he and his family continue ministry and seek to establish outreaches in other villages. Pray that many more Manobos will want to hear the message that Mahan is teaching.

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