Leading or pushing, God accomplishes His will

POSTED ON 2009-12-07
  by David Bell

"When God says ’do it’ … just do it!" says Nilsun, a Manobo Bible teacher in the Philippines.

Nilsun loves to teach God’s Word and through his ministry many people, including relatives, have placed their faith in Christ. But for three years Nilsun didn’t heed his own advice. He talked about moving to the lowlands to begin a ministry, but hesitated. Two years ago he was forced to go to a hospital in the lowlands when his wife, Lili, became very ill.

Lili was in the hospital for a long time and upon her release the couple began to make their home in a local village where there was a group of believers who had come to know Christ through Nilsun’s ministry in the mountains and had moved to the lowlands.

Little by little the couple’s eight children, who were left behind in their mountain village, joined them in the lowlands. Nilsun wanted to move back to his home in the mountains but one of his sons, Tutu, was stricken with rheumatic fever that required a long hospital stay.

When Tutu was released from the hospital the family didn’t have the funds to return to their mountain home. They did, however, move to another lowland village where there were no believers.

Nilsun owned no land on which to plant crops and no way to make a living but God showed His care for the family.

Missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau had given Nilsun an old truck battery that provided enough power to light a small light bulb for the family’s house. When the battery finally died it sat unusable in their home. A man offered to trade some land for the battery and after Nilsun explained that the battery was no good the man still insisted on the trade. So Nilsun’s family now had the land they needed to grow crops.

Today, the family still resides in that village and through Nilsun’s teaching there is now a group of believers. Nilsun continues to disciple the believers while teaching others evangelistic Bible lessons.

Please pray that those who are hearing God’s Word through Nilsun’s ministry will continue to grow in their faith and their walk with Christ. Pray too for Nilsun and Lili’s son, Tutu, who recently had a relapse of his rheumatic fever and needs to undergo two years of treatment.

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