Mansumintik sees God provide

POSTED ON 2010-02-16
  by Dena McMaster

Mansumintik, a Higaunon believer in the Philippines, went to the home of missionaries Lance and Laura Ostman to change a large bill so that he could buy a Bible.

Lance was somewhat suspicious concerning where he got the thousand peso bill. Usually the Higaunons only receive large amounts of money from selling logs, which can be illegal in the area.

As Mansumintik turned to leave, he said to Lance, "I’ve been asking God for the money to purchase a Bible. A voice kept telling me not to worry about it."

He explained that he kept hearing a voice telling him that provision for a Bible was close. He told Lance that he felt getting enough money to purchase a Bible was impossible. As he walked along checking his pig traps he saw one with no tracks leading up to it. He thought, "Oh, just another empty trap," but when he stepped into the area he nearly got bitten by a large pig caught in the trap. He butchered the pig and took the meat to a neighboring village. It sold for 2,300 pesos.

Lance had shared in the fellowship meeting that very morning that God is all-powerful yet we really don’t believe that. Mansumintik told Lance that he was blessed by his message that morning and God had shown him that He was indeed all-powerful.

Pray that Mansumintik will continue to walk with the Lord and will trust in His all-powerful provision. Pray also for the Higaunon church to grow in their knowledge of God.

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